Route FAQs

Q: Do you deliver to my area?

A: We deliver to Lancaster, Palmdale, and Quartz Hill.

Q: How often will George's Cleaners pick-up and deliver my cleaning?

A: As a route customer, we will stop by your office twice a week. Your cleaning will be picked up and returned on alternating days. We offer:

  • Tuesday/Friday
  • Will call
  • Tuesday only/Friday only

As a will-call customer, we will stop by your office only when you need our services. You only need to call us the day before you would like us to pick up.

When we set up your account, we will ask you if you would like to be a route or will-call customer.

Q: Do you provide us with cleaning bags?

A: We can provide you a nylon bag with a drawstring at no charge.

Q:  Can I still take advantage of all the services that George's Cleaners offers?

A: Yes. Our pick-up and delivery customers are entitled to all services that George's Cleaners provides, including household item cleaning, alterations, and wedding dress cleaning.

Q: Where do I put cleaning for the driver?

A:  For most offices we service, your cleaning will be picked up and delivered right to your desk. However, some businesses choose to have a central location, such as a break room. Once your account has been set up, your driver will contact you by phone or in person to discuss with you your area for pick-up and delivery. 

Q: What if I have a special request?

A: If you have a special request ("no crease in brown pants", "wine stain on front of dress", "shorten pants as pinned", etc.), you only need to put a note in your bag and we will take care of each request.

Q: How do I pay for my cleaning?

A: We can set you up for a "charge" account. With a charge account we will send you a statement every month. You can pay with cash or checks or be billed automatically with your credit card.

Q: What if I need customer service?

A: Once you have signed up, your driver becomes your own personal customer service representative. Feel free to speak to her with any questions or concerns or to schedule a pick-up (if you are a will-call customer). Our drivers are very knowledgeable, and care about the service they provide. Of course you are always welcome to call our main office in Lancaster at (661) 942-4124.